Friday, 7 November 2008

Thursday 6th November

Yesterday as we now know was a great day for Labour.

We won 2 council by-elections against stiff opposition in Glasgow and Edinburgh, I know the new councillor for the Forth Ward in Edinburgh personally and I know that Cammy Day will represent the people of Forth brilliantly.

In Glasgow we won in an area that the SNP now call their own, Baillieston is in the heart of Glasgow East a constituency that we lost just a few months ago, in a By-election in the same council ward just over 2 months ago the SNP held their vote but today we won and fought back the SNP tide.

And as has been posted already the victory in Glenrothes is stunning.

To not only win, in lets remember is a seat that Alex Salmond was prediction that the SNP only had to turn up take, but to do it with an increase in Support over the 2005 election is stunning.

Now i could sit and blog about the reasons behind the victory but to be honest their are too many to mention, but i will just make comment one one.

Lindsay Roy

What a stunning candidate, a man who has a love for the constituency and who has a vision for the future of Glenrothes.

A great headteacher who has been an inspiration to so many.

His loss to fife education is our gain.

Linsday you've done us proud mate.

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