Friday, 21 November 2008

Blogging and Google Reader

I have a confession to make; I love Google. I love the search engine, I love Gmail, I love the fact that they supported the no vote on Proposition 8 (If anyone want to know what Prop 8 has to do with the Labour Club and why I care about it, it's because it's about equality and that is an important issue to Labour.) but most of all I love Google Reader.

Google Reader collects the posts of all my favourite blogs in one place for me to read. Best of all it means that I can easily stay up to date with whatever is being posted here or at the Labour Party's own news feed. That's why I would recommend Google reader to the readers of this blog. It's an easy way to keep up with Aberdeen University labour Club's news and events; plus with the Labour news feed you can stay tapped into what the Party is saying and doing.

Aside from talking about Google reader, I'd also like to hear about the readers of this blog. What are your interests? What other blogs do you visit online?

To encourage a bit of disclosure here's my own personal blog roll (categories are in bold, my favourites are in italics):

A Comrade in Ellon
Aberdeen University Labour Club

Bitch Blogs
Boiling Point Blog
Feminism/Popular Culture
Feminist Daily News
Feminist Finance
Labour Party News

ScienceBlogs: Politics

Angry Astronomer
Bad Astronomy Blog
Good Math, Bad Math
Science Blogs: Physical Sciences
The Unapologetic Mathematician
Real Climate

Secular Philosophy
a geocentric view
Friendly Atheist
Greta Christina's Blog

Sam Harris
Daylight Atheism

Webcomics, I'll just list these to save space: Darths & Droids, The Last Days of FOXHOUND, The Perry Bible Fellowship,, Erfworld, Order of the Stick, QC RSS, Ctrl+Alt+Del, VG Cats.

So, now you know a little bit about me. What about you, the reader?

Any comments about blogging, my blogroll, this blog or just in general are welcome.

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