Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sleazy goings on as Trumpgate takes a new turn.

It has happened. Pound signs flashed before our ruler's eyes. Emperor Alex has shown his true colours by forcing through the Trump application for building a private village for those who use pound sterling as loo roll £1bn golf resort in the north east.

Far be it from me to slag "The Donald", after all I am in high hopes that after spending 82 seconds in his mother's home on my native island this summer he will revamp our old castle for us. Also Aberdeen's economy will need a change of direction at some point despite Shell and BP posting obscene profits in the last quarter. My problem is the SNP's obsession with going over the head of local democracy and imposing their own decisions and their inability to put the impact on people's lives over greed.

They claim to support devolution; rather strange then that they routinely block devolved decisions. The largest wind farm project in Europe, proposed to be built on the Isle of Lewis (there you go that is two mentions, it is rather an important place after all), was thrown out by the SNP "Government" despite the local councillors voting in favour of the proposal. Here they cited environmental impact as the reason for turning down the project; funny they are not so green when assessing the impact of Trump's golf course.

Aberdeenshire council's infrastructure committee voted against the proposal. "Oor Eck" and his cronies then called the plan in, this apparently had nothing to do with dodgy phone calls from Trump's aides. After a fashion the plans have now been approved. "Bawheid" now looks like he is creating jobs in a time of great economic hardship and also boosting Scotland's tourist industry. The truth is that political gain is being put before the impact this plan will have on people.

It is here I will quote my comrade from Deepest Darkest Ayrshire who by virtue of being born in Golf country tells me explicitly "Golf courses in themselves do not make money". In essence Trump is only interested in the hotels and housing developments which will come on the back of the course. These developments which fly in the face of Aberdeenshire housing policy will create a millionaires row, housing for those with astronomical amounts of money who are no longer content with only having six holiday homes. The impact this will have on Aberdeenshire communities in the vicinity of the development can only be described as detrimental. I can only imagine the resentment a gaggle of yahoos turning up their noses at locals would cause, the new residents would find it almost impossible to integrate and their presence, in such large numbers, would undoubtedly lead to problems.

Our "saviour " never looks at the bigger picture however and we should not be surprised that despite all manner of objections(most of which I have omitted for brevity) his narrow view of the world has led to this application being bundled through by whichever means necessary.


An interesting Poll question;

Who has the largest head?




  1. neither as they are both as big as each other.

  2. The Trump decision was the best thing to happen to the North East in years.

  3. For all I care, Donald Trump could have performed a sexual favour on Salmond in order to get this development passed.

    What business wants, Scotland needs.

    P.S. Should the poll not read, 'Who has the smallest brain?'

    (a) Unreconstructed socialists who see all business as bad

    (b) Unreconstructed socialists who see all business as bad

  4. I do not see all buisness as bad, just buisness which involves sleaze and hypocricy. Your comment shows how much in league tories are with the snp these days, tartan tories want to end union. Labour only party which can save it.

  5. I may have misspelled business due to extreme pistness after obama horsed mccain. Happy days!