Wednesday, 26 November 2008

This week's schedule from the Club Secretary

For anyone not on our mailing list but still interested in the club this is the content of an e-mail sent out by peter, our Club Secretary:

Comrades [Editor: Peter going old school here]

Well here it is the eagerly awaited for weekly email from the Labour Club.

Just a short one this week as I know that lots of people are busy with essays.

The Big event for this week is our meeting on Friday at 5pm in the Hub, it will either be in room 2 or 3 which are situated round the back of subway. Our Guest is Johann Lamont MSP, Deputy Leader of Labour in the Scottish Parliament. So come along and if you have any questions for Johann I am sure she will answer them at the Q&A session.

The other big news is the Labour Students National Council the details follow.

Weekend of 13/14 December from 11:30am on the Saturday, and will close at 4pm on the Sunday. The event is a great opportunity for members to get together and meet people from across the country, hear from high profile speakers and participate in debates on issues clubs have raised. There will also be a series of elections for positions on Labour Students National Committee and the Labour Students Policy Forum, and the famed Christmas Social on Saturday evening.

The cost of the event is £30 for those requiring accommodation, and £10 for those who don’t. Club Chairs have all the relevant information regarding motions, elections and registering delegates, but please feel free to get in touch with us directly if you have any questions or require any further information.

So if you want to go, get in touch.

So see you all on Friday, remember 5pm in the Hub.


If anyone wants to contact us at anytime feel free to comment on this blog or send us an e-mail @ aberdeen[go away spambots]university[go away spambots]labourclub[go away spambots]

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