Thursday, 27 November 2008

Leaks and Cameron's Man

Just found this on the BBC website, my particular favourite part of it is the quote from the tory official that say "As shadow immigration minister, Mr Green has, on a number of occasions, legitimately revealed information which the Home Office chose not to make public".

Now maybe its just me but I would think that if the Home office which is the organisation that is in charge of the fight against crime and terrorist activity as well as the Immigration Department has decided not to release something to the public then maybe its not a conspiracy maybe they actually have a good reason.

You know the sort of thing, ongoing criminal investigation, not wanting immigration rings to know stuff, you know the sort of thing whats it called again, aye that's right PROTECTING THE PUBLIC.

Clearly doing that is the last thing on this tories mind.


  1. Don't be silly Peter, if revealing secrets was such a big deal they would make MP's sign some kind of, I don't know, Official Secret's Act maybe. Oh wait, they do.

    What an ass hat that guy is, he shouldn't have a seat in parliament if he can't keep his mouth shut. What the hell makes him think that he, unilaterally, gets to decide what is and is not made public.

  2. The line from the tories now is that he has been arrested but not charged. So that is ok then.

    An MP is presumed to be Honourable indeed that is why they are called Honourable Member.

    I believe that most MP's are honourable, there are some on the tory benches that i like as they are principled one example is John Bercow who actually stands up for what he believes in but the guy who did this is nothing but a self serving Dishonourable Member of the House of Commons.

  3. The Government have hardly got a good reputation for keeping private information out of the public domain. Usually some berk leaves his laptop on a train or such like

    Mr Green was doing an excellent job of tearing you lot apart. Your govt couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.

    Maybe the police should investigate how Robert Peston has such a cosy relationship with the Treasury?

  4. There is a very great difference between the carelessness of civil servants and the deliberate leaking of information by an MP.

    Mr Green was doing a very good job of breaking the law which is why he has been arrested.

  5. You only don't like it because it was exposing the weaknesses of your own government.


  7. I don't like him because he broke the law, and calling the British government fascist because the Police arrest someone in connection with a crime is an insult to the millions of actual victims of fascism.

  8. He broke the law, eh? Have you seen this before -

  9. That is an interesting video, and what I find interesting is that some information was leaked by a civil servant and Gordon Brown didn't get into any legal trouble.

    I'm not a lawyer but there is clearly a distinction between the two cases unless you're paranoid in which case OMG POLICE STATE!!!!111!!!!!11!!!!11!!1!!!!!!1!!!!