Thursday, 27 November 2008

For our 50th post, an economics leson for Cameron

There's an excellent page at the labour homepage that dismantles the Tories ramshackle and disjopinted economic "policy". (Maybe George Osborne should spend more time thinking about the economy and less time with Russian businessmen.) Sadly David gets an F for this piece of work.

And through the power of the internet we can see quite how badly he did on this very site:

[Edit]: Well that was the idea at least, but it would seem that the blog isn't wide enough to display it properly.

Hopefully in the future we'll see a lot more of this excellent use of technology, and a fantastic and intuitive way of presenting the Labour message.


  1. It looked interesting though? Have you got a link to it?

  2. Edit...... maybe I should read the post properly!! :)

  3. I tried to post this widget too the blog yesterday lol.

    But it is interesting that the tories idea of economic competence is to rely on the failed policies of the past, you know the sort of thing, cut public services, tax cuts for the guys with the big boats (russians need not apply).

    The actions that the government has taken may not sort out all the problems that the country faces thanks to the world economic situation, but at least its helping those who need it most and protecting those who need protection.

    So thank god we have an Aberdeen University graduate as Chancellor and not those guys from the Billingdon Club.