Friday, 14 November 2008

Isn't it strange how two Republican Senators who won in the Polls this year now find themselves losing in the recount.

Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, recently found guilty on seven felony charges for making false statements, won back his seat in the United States senate in this years election; or did he?

It was found shortly after the election that a few ballots had been mislaid, and so not counted...

...and when I say a few, I mean over 90,000. [That's about 29% of the total number of votes cast.]

Yes you did read that correctly, 90,000 uncounted ballots surfaced from the æther. Amazingly the newly counted ballots have so far demolished Steven's 3,257 vote lead and he now trails his opponent, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, by 814 votes.

Now in Minnesota, despite Norm Colman's best efforts to throw out votes, Al Franken's deficit in the polls has dropped to a mere 204.

So, yeah.

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