Monday, 24 November 2008

One Month On...

It is now one month since we started blogging and I think we've made a good start. After only 31 days we are coming up on a half century of posts. 

In order to build on this start I would like some feedback. What do people like about the blog, what don't you like, what do you think we should cover? Please feel free to leave any comment that you like.

Also, this is a collaborative effort. If you want an article about a particular topic or you want to write your own blog post please e-mail us at

Thank you and please comment.


  1. V briefly - good start and some interesting post, but to grow think you may need to try to engage more with commenters to create two way dialogue. I made an early comment really just to see if it was engaged with, but it wasn't, and that non-reaction will drive others away as people really appreciate feedback on feedback, and will go to blogs where they get the feeling that what they feedback is informing debate-in-space. For me, it's about creatng a non-hierarchy as far as possible with the constraints of the medium.

    To a similar end, maybe try to pick up a bit more on other articles/view knocking about the blogopshere and link into them while not simply being a regurgitator of other views (there's quite a lot of that about and it gets a bit dull). Again it's about fostering and being seen to foster debate rather than simply blasting views

    I like the fact that it's very clearly a joint effort.

    Of course I say all this on the assumption that you want to grow readership across the country - this might not be the case and for perfectly valid reasons you may want to retain a feel that the blog is for a tight network of colleagues in and around Aberdeen.

    From a personal point of view I like to hear what's going on at local levels as well, though that's not every reader's bag, I know.

    Best of luck with the next month.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I think you're right about connecting with commenters. I try to answer any comments that I get on my posts. Getting more people to comment and then engaging those who do is certainly one thing I intend to do to try and and drive the blog onwards.

    I do like the idea of linking in more with other sites, especially since it raises the possibility of getting their readers here. Although like you said there is the possibility when linking other sites of simply regurgitating other people's words without any original thought put in.

    One problem I have with regards to local content is a lack of sites which I'm personally familiar with that deal with local issues, even just local to Britain. Most of the blogs I visit are American which perhaps explains the non-local make up of the blog. Also since I've only been in Aberdeen for just over a year I don't know many people locally, and I don't know what's happening in the local community. Having said that we are hoping to get the Labour Club more closely involved with the local Labour Party and so hopefully we will have more to say about local issues.

    With regards to our readership I'd say the more the merrier, and where they live doesn't matter to me at all.

  3. Yes, I sometimes forget that Labour students are not necessarily linked into the local party and that it can be difficult to engage properly especially if you're only in the town for the period of your study. What I can say though is that in general local Labour parties will welcome student involvement with open arms, however temporary it may be, especially if you were to bring practical assistance like offering either to host a blog for them or put stuff on this blog which comes from them about local stuff.

  4. We've talked to Anne Begg and Frank Doran (The Mps for the two Aberdeen constituencies) about meeting up with our members so hopefully we'll be able to get engaged with them. Especially with a General Election looming in the next year and a half.

    What you said about putting stuff on the blog from the local Labour Party. is very interesting. It would achieve a few goals; it would provide a source of information for our members about local politics, a link to the local party, more local stuff on the blog and just in general would provide more posts. I hadn't thought of doing that so thanks for the suggestion.

  5. I think the website should carry blog postings from Simon Heffer and Peter Hitchens. Those two men talk sense.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion but i think we'll avoid anyone who the Daily Mail holds in high enough esteem to employ.