Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Top 5 Pieces of News

Hey all,

Here are the top 5 news pieces of the week.

1. Neither a good nor a bad piece about Labour, but a comment that shows, principles and substance are vitally important in a media saturated environmnet.

2. I have never trusted the new Tory think tank 'Respublica' - anyone who strings together a couple of diametrically opposed terms and calls it an idea is an idiot. But here's another reason.

3. Yes, it's the Daily Mail, but there's nothing better than infighting.

4. Another Respublica comment - but you have to understand, we have Giddens for the Labour party - at least he's well respected across the board. This guys a twit.

5. A piece of news from my home patch - showing that the public won't abide ignorance.



p.s. keep an eye out this week for all the news on the SNP's referendum paper.