Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Election 2008 - Live


[04:00] OBAMA IS PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!1

[03:58] We're coming up on the Pacific states polling closing. We're minutes away from President Obama being confirmed as the 44th President of the United States of America.

[03:51] Donald is going to be sick because kyle proposed to his fiancee on a boat going past the Statue of Liberty.


[03:42] Obama's lead in Virginia stretches to 57,000. A few flyover states go for McCain.

[03:30] It's looking good for Obama in Virginia. 49,000 with 90% reporting.

[03:19] Njoki says: "John Bolton is Ned Flanders with attitude.

[03:13] John Bolton's going off on one on the BBC. A BBC reporter in Colorado didn't accept a Republican's BS and supposedly that means he's an appalling journalist. Idiot.

[03:04] Iowa has gone Obama. That gives Obama 207 electoral college votes and with California he needs only 8 votes more. If he wins all of the states he's winning in he'll get close to 340 votes.

[02:58] Obama now has a small lead in Virginia. He now leads in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

[02:50] Mississippi has gone to McCain. A late surge for McCain perhaps. Hell no.

[02:47] Arizona is expected soon. This could give us an idea of how bad it's going to be for McCain.

[02:39] With 73% reporting Virginia is now 50:50 with McCain's lead down to 5,000.

[02:36] Update.
ABC: Obama 200 McCain 90
CBS: Obama 199 McCain 124
BBC: Obama 200 McCain 90

[02:34] Two US networks have projected New Mexico for Obama.

[02:31] McCain's lead in Virginia is down to 12,000 with 71% reporting.

[02:25] Ohio has gone Obama!!!! If he wins California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii which are all safe democrat he will be the 44th President.

[02:17] McCain's lead in Virginia is down to 21,000 with 67% reporting.

[02:09] Update: Obama 174 McCain 76

[02:04] Fox has projected Ohio for Obama.

[02:03] A McCain campaigner has been quoted as saying the McCain needs a miracle.

[02:00] New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Michigan all projected for Obama. Kansas, North Dakota and Wyoming projected for McCain.
Updated score: Obama 174 McCain 61.

[01:59] Prague says Good Bye for Now! Wake me up, when someone gets over 270 electoral college votes. Thank you for a wonderful evening and coopearation. See you!

[01:44] Some networks are projecting Georgia for McCain.
Jesse Jackson is on the BBC.

[01:33] Obama leads by 5% in Florida with 36% reporting.

[01:32] Updated electoral college votes: McCain (R) - 49; Obama (D) - 103. BBC reports.

[01:27] We have developed a theory here to explain the Obama vote discrepancy. It is possibly due to the splitting of New Hampshire's votes between the candidates. New Hampshire apportions its votes proportionately to the vote total for each candidate.

[01:21] No changes to report but Obama has a 250,000 lead in Florida with 30% reporting and a 17% lead in North Carolina.

[01:18] According to Czech media, Pakistani public opinion would prefer Barack Obama as US president. Additionally, Cuba's ex-leader Fidel Castro indirectly referred to Obama as being a better candidate.
Overall, we can say that Obama's moderate image appeals to many sides and could play beneficiary role in stabilising US foreign policy and the way USA is perceived around the world. Foreign politics and economy are indisputably the two most important long-term topics that need to be solved.

[01:10] Interesting clash in totals, ABC says 102 for Obama, BBC says 103. And CNN's website still keeps the old figure of 77.

[01:04] Updated electoral college votes: McCain (R) - 34; Obama (D) - 103.
BBC reports.

[01:01] Illinois goes to Obama and so does the District of Columbia!

[01:01] Pennsylvania goes for Obama. It seems like Obama will get it.

[00:55] Updated electoral college votes: McCain (R) - 16; Obama (D) - 3.

[00:52] Virginia appears to go to McCain, currently leading with 56% against Obama's 43%. ABC projects South Carolina for McCain.

[00:46] At this very early stage Obama leads in South Carolina!!!

He has opened up a 10 percentage point in Florida and a 3 point lead in North Carolina.

[00:42] Opinion polls show that John McCain managed to persuade 70% of voters that Barack Obama will raise taxes. Needless to say, that 61% of voters feel that McCain will do the same.

[00:37] Early information show narrow difference between McCain and Obama in Indiana. But further news can't be assumed. Indiana has 11 electoral college votes. And its results are important for McCain's performence.

[00:34] Obama has narrow leads in Florida and North Carolina, but with only a few districts reporting.

[00:31] Senate elections in Virginia were won by Democrat Mark Warner (57% of vote), could this be an indicator that the 'swing state' of Virgina will go to Democrats and Obama?

[00.25] This just in from ABC news. McCain is 6% ahead in Virginia but it is still too close to call.

[00:10] First electoral college votes appear! So far: Barack Obama (D) - 3; John McCain (R) - 8.

[00:00] Good evening (repectively morning) to Aberdeen and thanks for the admin privileges! So here is what the Czech media reports. According to the opinion polls, 72 % of new voters have casted their vote for Obama, while 27% were in favour of McCain.
Analysis have previously shown support among youth voters for Obama. However since this group of voters has a traditionally lower turnout during the elections, their presence will be important for Barack's potential victory.

[23:56] Here's a shout out to out supporter in the Czech Republic. I have now granted you admin privileges so you should be able to add your thoughts to the mix.

[23:32] The party's started here with the attendance now in double figures. Still very little to report.

[23:17] Not much yet but we're still here and ready to keep you filled in. Polls have now closed in parts of Indiana and Kentucky. No results in yet.

[23:00] Welcome to Aberdeen University Labour Club's 2008 live Presidential Election coverage. Hopefully we'll be covering an Obama victory, but no matter what the result we're going to be here all night.

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