Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP List

One of the main stories that has been about for the last 24 hours has been the publication of the BNP national membership list. Included on the list, which I saw before it was removed from the net, was a family from Aberdeen with the 3 children as members, the oldest of which was 18. Now it seems that some of the members are not happy that their membership of a party which believes that all people of colour should be asked to leave the UK has become public knowledge.

Now I talk about asked, but forceable repatriation is what they actually want; to force people to leave the country of their birth to return to a nation that many of them have only ever visited to see family.

I did that last year, I went to visit the place where my family comes from, its now in another country, so as my family are immigrants does that mean that I should be sent home. In my case it was Donegal in the Ireland but you see the point.

We are a nation of immigrants, we have become the country we are thanks to the work done over countless generations by people from different lands to build our country, from Ireland from Europe from Africa from Asia; they came to make Britain Great, and now a bunch of nationalistic nutters want to send them all away because they don't meet their view of what British is.

So I have a suggestion; if the members of the BNP don't like the way the UK looks why dont they leave, why should the rest of us have to go as its our country, it has its faults but its ours and we love it for good or bad, shame they don't.


  1. I loathe the BNP. Their entire stance is based on ignorance and intolerance.

    One thing I'd like to hear about regarding this list is if the police officers named as BNP members have been fired yet. People who wield authority over others such as the police, the army and politicians, need to be absolutely impartial. Personally I would like to see bigoted parties such as the BNP be thoroughly taken apart by a concerted effort of all the main parties.

  2. In an ideal world they should be impartial. But we are all affected by our political beliefs. A purge of BNP officers won't remove all racists from the police. One can hold those sorts of views without being in the BNP.

    If BNP members are to be banned from the police etc, what about other extremists? There is no rule prohibiting members of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain - an organisation that seeks to overthrow the state and establish a dictatorship of the proletariat - from joining the police.

    Where would one stop?

  3. It is true that you can be a racist and not in the BNP, but I think being a racist should be disqualify someone from joining the police force and since the BNP is racist membership should implies racism.

    As for the RCPGB, if they support the overthrow of the state I don't think they should be allowed to administer the law.

    The police force is an extremely important factor in maintaining social stability. However, to protect our freedoms from the kind of overbearing extra-judicial police behaviour that is so damaging to freedoms in LEDCs we must maintain a strict and regimented control of the police force. And especially of the standards used to judge its members.

  4. Actually there is a rule that means that a serving police officer cannot be a member of the BNP or dare i say the revolutionary communist party, as no serving police officer can be a member of any organisation that breaches its code of conduct and being a member of a racist organisation is one, as well as wanting to overthrow the state.

  5. According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, there is no bar to joining the Revolutionary Communist Party. It is only the BNP, National Front and Combat-18 that officers are prohibited to join.

  6. well to be fair, it is not often that police officers are in a situation where their beliefs about economics or antagonism between two classes conflict with day to day police duties. This is different where a persons racist beliefs are in direct conflict with a persons day to day duties. and similarly, i dont believe that a member of a Communist Party would be a member of the Police (that they believe are merely used to uphold the law of the bourgeoisie). It's a mute point that detracts from the real point that the BNP are a vile, racist organisation and its members should have litter public role.

  7. No one was disputing that the BNP are a vile, racist party.

    What I was trying to say is that when one extremist organisation is banned, where does one draw the line? Moreover, why have one rule for nasty extreme right wingers and another for the nasty extreme left?

    Surely a party that wants to overthrow the state should not be allowed to join an organisation whose purpose is to uphold the laws of the state (even though I acknowledge that a Revolutionary Communist would not place the police far up his/her preferred career choices...).

  8. My personal, perhaps simplistic, opinion is that what the extreme right and the extreme left have in common is totalitarianism and a complete lack of regard of people of different group. Be those groups political, religious, racial etc. As such neither have any place in legislature or in law enforcement.

    All I can say with regards police policy is that perhaps the reason that the BNP is banned while the RCPGB is not, is that the criteria for banning them is very narrow, i.e. only groups that discriminate based on race are banned. So although the aims of the RCPGB clash with service in the police service, they aren't racist so they don't fir the criteria for exclusion. Personally I'd have no qualms with banning members of both them joining the police.