Thursday, 27 November 2008

Statement from the Prime Minister on the attacks in Mumbai

Gordon Brown has spoken of his shock and outrage at the terror attacks that took place overnight in Mumbai and pledged assistance to British nationals caught up in the violence.

Speaking to journalists in Downing Street, the PM said that British counter-terror officers were on their way to the Indian city to assist local authorities and that a crisis centre had been set up at the Foreign Office for concerned friends and relatives.

The PM said:

“I think I speak for the whole world - shock and outrage at the tragic destruction of innocent lives. I have already sent my sympathy and support to Prime Minister Singh of India and to say we will do everything we can to help the Indian government.

“Our first duty is towards British people caught up in this terror in Mumbai…it is too early to say any numbers for the numbers of people who are injured - we will give that during the course of the day - what I can assure you is we are doing everything within our power.”

A number of terrorist gunmen launched coordinated attacks in various locations in India’s financial capital last night, including at the Chatrapathi Sivaji rail station and the Taj Mahal hotel. Reports suggest that more than 100 people may have lost their lives.

The Prime Minister pledged to “root out terrorism” and called for the sharing of information between countries on the activities of suspected extremists. The world “has to come together to fight these terrorist groups”, he said.

The 24-hour Foreign Office helpline is +44 (0)20 7008 0000. More information can be seen on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website


  1. It's terrible to see such loss of life, especially when it's at the hands of other human beings.

    Is it known who the terrorists were or the motive behind the attacks?

  2. Not yet but the BBC's Frank Gardner says: It is still unclear who ordered these attacks. Al-Qaeda and its followers tend to prefer massive suicide truck bombs and are acutely media-savvy, filming their attacks. That does not appear to have happened this time."

    I know some of the people who read the blog are not into organised religion, some of us dont go to church but believe in god no, no matter how you do it tonight spare a thought for the India as a great country is suffering in front of our eyes and our thought are with them tonight.