Sunday, 9 November 2008

Obama Predict-o-meter

[Edit: I decided to remove the names for privacy reasons.]

Those of you who were at the Obama night may remember (or maybe not that whisky Peter brought was pretty lethal) that we had a predict-o-meter (excel spreadsheet if you must know). Well here's how many electoral votes everyone thought Obama would get.

AB 367
PS 337
CD 305
TPD 325
DL 327
AD 335
MF 320
NM 345

The final result for Obama was 365. So the winner was.......ME!!! Yay, go me. It had seemed like Peter would win, but North Carolina turned at the last minute and gave me a memorable victory.

[Pause for applause.]

While we're on the theme of the election, here's a picture of the US electoral map if the election had been decided by young voters.

Not a happy map for the Republican Party I think you'll agree.

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