Sunday, 30 November 2008

Scottish Labour Youth and Students' Conference

I just got back from Glasgow where I was part of a four person delegaion to this year's Scottish Labour Youth and Students' Conference. I think I'll start off by praising the running of the conference. There was a fantastic range of speakers (Jim Murphy, MP Secretary of State for Scotland; Iain Gray, Labour Leader in the Scottish Parliament; Johann Lamont [Aside: She's not pretentious like that old Tory Norman so please pronounce it correctly.], Deputy Leader of Labour in the Scottish Parliament; Catherine Stihler, MEP; Pauline McNeill, MSP; Alan Jamieson and Jenny Murdoch, Scottish Labour Party {Campaign Training}; Stephanie Peacock, NEC Youth Rep.; Drew Smith, Chair STUC Youth Committee; and two Union Representatives from GMB Scotland] all of whom I'd like to thank for first of all taking the time to come and speak to us, but more importantly making the effort to engage with young voters.

The meals provided were also fantastic and that along with the general running of the conference is a credit to Jillian Merchand and Kirsty Connell the respective Chairs for the last year of Scottish Labour Students' and Scottish Young labour, so here's a big thanks to them and good wishes to them in the future.

The Conference produced one exciting bit of news for me, in that I have been elected to an Ordinary Committee member post on the Scottish Labour Students' Committee. i hope to use this position to increase our web footprint and include the cohesiveness of our web strategy.

I would say more but I'm tired after two days of conference and a two and a half hour train ride, and Match of the Day 2 is on; so goodnight.

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