Thursday, 4 December 2008

Peter's going to have a flash new neighbour.

Trump to site home at golf resort

Maybe they can go to the pub together or take their dogs for a walk through the (unfortunately crap strewn, not really :P)local parks. Or not...

US tycoon Donald Trump has announced he is to make his Scottish family home at his controversial £1bn Aberdeenshire golf resort.

The property tycoon is to convert Menie House on the Menie Estate near Balmedie into a personal residence.

I think the important phrase there is Scottish family home, maybe some will disagree but I don't consider one house of however many dozens he has to be his home. Your home is where you live, what's the betting that Trump will spend at most a couple of weeks there every year if that. This isn't a home it's a very exclusive hotel room that he'll use whenever he wants to play a round at the golf course or he needs to promote the houses he's going to have to sell.

Oh and a note to Peter, having looked on google maps I realise there's a distance between Balmeide and where you live but I liked this story so I'm not going to edit it.:P

Having said all that I'm now going to point out a positive:

He has hired a number of local companies to renovate and restore the 14th Century building.

There two pluses for me there, firstly the fact that he's going to give his business to local workers and secondly (presuming of course the restoration is done properly) the fact that a 14th century building is going to be restored. I think it's important to preserve some of the beautiful old buildings we have in this country and it's nice to see it being done even if I'm not exactly hot on his development plans.

Laudrup has mentioned issues related to this story before.


  1. Aye you have really made my day.

    if doing a mock exam at uni is not bad enough now we find out that trump is moving in next door, what next, I mean if you really think im gonna let the club mascot the parsley one mix with that man then you must be mad.

    But i will welcome him to the local community and im sure he will buy his butteries from the Ythan Bakery and go and get his shopping at the co-op, and if he does then welcome to the community Mr Trump.

    By the way Ellon and Balmedie might be a few miles apart but they are still closer than you and the big man on religion :)

  2. Broad church Peter , Broad church :D

    If he spends as much time in this home as he did in his mother's home on Lewis there is little chance you can buy him a pint in the local. What is your local by the way? And how come we have not been in it?