Friday, 19 December 2008

Franken Pulls "Way" Ahead in Recount

[Edit] The Huffington Post is projecting a Franken victory.

Yes, counting of ballots in still ongoing in the Minnesota Senatorial election a month and half after election day. The good news though is that Democratic candidate Al Franken has pulled ahead. This from Greg Laden at Scienceblogs:

There remain at least to other matters to settle. One is the question of alleged duplicate ballots that the Coleman camp wants rejected. It may in fact be the case that some ballots were duplicated and both the original and duplicate counted. There may be about 150 - 200 of these, but I am not sure what removal of these votes from the count would do.

The second issue is the absentee ballots. There are quite a few, possibly between 500 and 1500, absentee ballots that were rejected for invalid reasons. These rejected ballots should really be counted. The Franken camp pushed for this, the Secretary of State agreed and told the counties that they could (but did not necessarily have to) do so, the Coleman camp too this to the State Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court ruled, essentially, in favor of looking at these ballots.

A third issue, I have just learned, is that some of the previously withdrawn challenges have not been added back into the count.

The de-challenged ballots that were removed before the Canvassing board started have not been included in the total, or at least, some of them. Still trying to find out how many. The ones that were removed during the canvassing operation itself are being dealt with on the spot.

The consideration of these absentee ballots is generally thought to favor Franken.

It would be very amusing to see yet another Republican lose their seat after looking like they'd won. Especially in this case because Al Franken has done some very funny stuff.

This is Franken on the Late Show with David letterman discussing running for Senator:

And on the issue of conservative "facts":

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