Monday, 1 December 2008

A Fine Public Servant from Aberdeenshire

The BBC reports on the recognition of the fantastic and devoted service given by a Special Constable from Aberdeenshire. Bob Ballantyne has faithfully served the community for 28 years, including over 200 weekends in a row, and for this he has been awarded the Queen's medal. He is the first volunteer officer to win the award.

He said: "It's a great honour and I am very flattered. It was quite a surprise.

"However, policing is about team work and this award is as much a testament to the hard work of those I have served with in Grampian Police over the last 28 years as it is to me.

"I would highly recommend the specials to anyone who wants to give something back to the local community." "

Our Club Secretary will be pleased to see that the Special in question is from Ellon.

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  1. I knew i liked ellon for a reason, it must be the great sense of community.