Thursday, 4 December 2008

I Make a Prediction

Over the last year I have been telling everyone that would listen that the Labour Party would win the next election by at least 31 seats. I have been laughed at, told not to be stupid and reminded that miracles don't happen, but as I have told members of the Parliamentary Labour Party trust me I know how we can do it.

So here it is the strategy to win the election by at least 31 seats, its simple really GET THE VOTE OUT, REMIND THEM WHAT THE TORIES ARE LIKE oh aye and govern effectively.

Now on the first part people no longer appear to be scared to say that they are voting Labour and that is thanks to the latter. And I have to say who needs to remind the country as to what a Tory government would be like as they are just doing that themselves (so thanks David, George and Damien).

But its not just that it is also based on a falling Libdem vote and that is happening as well so I stand by my prediction, but what has led me to posting it here in the blog, well that is thanks to a Comres opinion poll which puts Labour 1% behind the Tories and gives us a majority of 10 seats but even better than that is the lead was a 1% lead for labour it would win by Wait for it 32 seats so OK not my 31 but not bad for the big guy.


  1. Any margin of victory is fine by me. You're right that we must not let people forget why they voted for us in '97 and kicked the tories out.

  2. I would take a majority of 1, if we took back the Western Isles!