Thursday, 1 January 2009

A review of 2008

I thought as we enter a new year that a review of the last year and what may happen in the new year was a good thing to do.

As we enter the new year, the first one that me and my significant other have actually spent at home in the time we have been together, their is a lot for a democratic socialist to be looking forward to. Last year we were so far behind in the polls that we Had about as much chance as me winning the London marathon, and for those who haven't seen me in the flesh think of haagrid from harry potter but with an additional 4 stone round the waist and you will get the metaphor, but today we are no worse than being projected to be the largest party in a Commons in a hung parliament.

We have a Prime Minister who was seen as a has been and just counting the days until the knight in blue came to the countries salvation came to power, to be replaced with a Prime Minister who has driven the world agenda and a leader of the opposition who is nothing more than a novice who would not know what to do if it jumped up and down in front of him and said look at me look at me.

I mean David Cameron is the guy who cycles to work, and very good that is, but I mean do you really need the official government car to drive your briefcase to the office, me I use a backpack i would have thought that might have been cheaper.

In elections the year started badly and we never thought it could get any better ever again, I mean to lose the local elections, Have Boris replace Ken in London and then the SNP win Glasgow East by-election was not exactly the best summer in politics I can remember. But after such a bad time then came Glenrothes and Lindsay Roy.

Who would have thought it 2 days after the election of a Democrat to the White House that the people of Glenrothes would elect a Labour politician to Westminster, I mean what great odds you could have got in July that neither of those things would have happened but both won by large majorities.

in Obamas case it was his message of hope and change, in Lindsay Roy's case it was more about warden charges and Alex Salmond claiming that he was the Scottish Barack Obama, I mean come that had to be the funniest photo of the year Alex Salmond on a roundabout saying yes we can, Less Obama and more Noddy.

So to recap they year has been an interesting one, Labour dead and buried at the start and now ready to fight and win whatever elections 2009 hold.

And in the club here at Aberdeen we have seen a 4 fold increase in our membership so we are heading into the New Year looking forward to the future.

It is true a week is a longtime in politics and a year is a lifetime.

So finally I would like to wish everyone who reads the blog be they of the left or the right a wonderful happy new year.

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