Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Red Top Caught Red Handed?

I'd like to begin by saying that if I ever buy a copy of the Sun newspaper, it will only be for it's ultra-absorbent qualities and in fact I would go so far as to say that those are probably it's only qualities. I think like any other right minded person in Britain, my reaction to being greeted with a headline about our entire island catching fire and sinking would be to assume that somewhere on the south coast a journalist had his beach barbeque washed out by the tide.

So when the Sun published a list containing a number of prominent Jewish figures, tabloid darling Amy Winehouse among them, it's reasonable to suspect that in piecing the story together, the Sun might have exaggerated or at best failed to check their facts. Even the most Jaded of Times readers, however, could be forgiven for popping a monocle over what appears to be a very serious accusation which have arisen following the Sun's publication (and, it would seem, silent withdrawal) of that particular gem of an article.

From what I can gather, the administrators of the forum, which is not, as far as I can tell, intended as a platform for propagating terrorism, have alleged that the post which the article makes reference to, calling for the publication of a list of "top Jews" to to target in protest, was in fact posted by a freelance journalist, who then followed this up with his own list after his request was ignored. The blog I have linked to further alleges that the rather tragic figure behind this charade is a man named Glen Jenvey, an anti-terror warrior perhaps not quite possessed of all the qualities you would expect of someone with a background in international counter-terrorist espionage. And by that, I mean that he apparently edits his own Wikipedia entry. Winner.

If these allegations are true, then it really is a sad state of affairs that we find ourselves in. That a mainstream publication with such high circulation as the Sun might be able publish such an alarmist and fear-mongering accusation is a sad incitement of the sloppy standards to which we hold our press.


  1. I don't know why but each time I hear a story like this I'm suprised at how a national newspaper can stoop even lower.

  2. Read the "discussion" section on at Sun Online, some of those comments are brimming with ignorance. In the case of "Saudi Benefit Scroungers Trash Mansion", one insightful fellow reasons that, since they're Muslims, they should be given one hundred lashes as, he reasons, they "want sharia law".

    More low points:

    "What next, a Muslim prime minister? He would probably be fairer to us than Brown."

    "Typical of this PC correctness Country "

    "Come on now,what did you expect,did you really think most of these migrants really want to come to a country and actually go out and work and pay tax`s,this country is a soft touch"

    "What a surprise, another MUSLIM family PONCING off the ENGLISH TAXPAYER!!! "

    "The problem is, these type of peaple now run the councils.
    Show the housing person who allocated these pigs a house,
    I gaurantee he,or she, are foriegners. "

    And perhaps the most intruiging:

    "Spain is for Spanish first,then for the worker, then what is left is to help others.FUNNY OLD SYSTEM. NO C DIFF- NO MRSA.STRANGE "

    It takes a certain kind of newspaper to facilitate that kind of ignorant discussion.

    But at least one poster tried not to be drowned out in the ignorant static:

    "I ask for evidence first that these people are from Saudi arabia as reported....see if it can be provided.

    Maybe from some other place but I think this story is to stir up hatered yet again againsts different races....

    Like to be proven wrong ...."

  3. As much as I would love to visit their "discussion" board I value my brain cells too highly to subject them to that kind of torment.

    I'm intrigued by the way that the commenter separated "spanish" from "worker" as though those two groups don't cross. Who exactly are these workers if not spanish?

    That last poster is fighting a losing battle, people don't read the Sun for information they read it to reinforce their prejudices.

  4. I've just never heard it suggested that immigration causes MRSA before.

  5. And carrying on with this note,

  6. That is an interesting suggestion, I'd like to know what source of information they got the "No MRSA in spanish hospitals" claim from.

    As for the video, I had to stop watching after a minute, I couldn't stand any more racist bullshit.