Friday, 30 January 2009

Phone banking made easy

Now you can help Labour win a fourth term from the comfort (or discomfort if you're in Hillhead) of your own home. Labour have just launched a virtual phonebank, and from what I've seen of it so far it appears to be fairly easy to use with a simple interface.

Labour have this to say:

Labour today launched an online virtual phone bank - which will allow our members to call voters from their own homes and enter the results of their calling directly into the phone bank online.

The phone bank is a key way of empowering our supporters to campaign for Labour, and listen to the views of the public, without having to leave their own homes.

Douglas Alexander MP, Labour's General Election co-ordinator, said:

"We have taken on board the lessons of the Obama campaign and the key aim of our web strategy is to give our supporters the tools they need to campaign for us both online and offline.

"As one example of this, the online virtual phone bank will allow our members to call voters from their own homes and enter the results of their calling directly into our database.

"In contrast the Tories just don't get online campaigning - despite being well-funded they seem to have wasted a whole lot of money on gimmicks."

Watch John Prescott talk about the new virtual phone bank here >>>>

If you're a member of the Labour party you can access the phone bank and start making calls here >>>>

Voter outreach is quite possibly the most important aspect of electioneering, and one of the main elements in individual electoral success. Especially given the media's obsession with only pumping out stories of woe and doom we Labour supporters have to take the responsibility for making sure our message is heard. If we're serious about a fourth term we've got to show it, and we can do that by exploiting tools like this new phone banking service to their maximum potential. If we do that we can win, if not...

Do you really want that?


  1. I get enough phonecalls from rip off merchants promising me things they can't deliver - I don't need any calls from Labour thanks.

  2. The difference between a sales a call and a call from the Labour party is that the sales caller is calling for their own benefit. A Labour caller is calling for yours.

  3. Yes. At least for me one of the main reasons for joining Labour is that our policies are geared towards a fairer and better country for everyone.