Saturday, 10 January 2009

An interesting new website

This is an e-mail I just received. I find it intriguing and I think it seems like an excellent idea. Hopefully this website can act as a forum to encourage our members to express their ideas and become more actively involved in the Party.

New website goes live - visit us and join the debate!

Good morning!

You may read in The Observer or Mail on Sunday today - or in various blogs online - about the new website LabourList. You can also read about us on the Guardian website.

We are sending you this e-mail either because you signed a LabourList form at last year's Labour party conference or because you are a member of Labour Students and agreed they could pass on your details to organisations you might like to hear about.

LabourList aims to provide a platform for debate for every level of our movement, and for those who disagree with us. To encourage this discussion, we’ll have access to and insight from government ministers; we’ll host voices from the fringe and from the traditional media; and we’ll have regular reports from the grassroots that make our movement so powerful.

LabourList will add to the already expanding network of progressive new media forces – Obama-style virtual phone banking drives, ministerial webchats and new blogs – that will help us spread our message and connect with people in this New Year.

As with the progressive movement as a whole, LabourList is in constant renewal. What you see today is not the finished version of our site, but a work in progress. Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing more contributors from across the progressive spectrum and we’ll feature exclusive new video and written content. We’ll also be blogging live from this month’s Progressive London and Fabian conferences.

And we’ll be launching The LunchtimeList, a comprehensive daily digest made up of that morning’s news, views and analysis – sent directly to your email inbox. You will receive this, starting on Monday. Do let me know what you think of it by e-mailing me at mail[nospam]@[nospam]labourlist.[nospam]org.

If you are a Labour student you may be particularly interested to see the post by Sarah Mulholland, the Labour Students chair on top-up fees. Do join that debate.

Finally, as well as commenting on Sarah's - and other articles - we are always looking for new posters, so if you have something to say send me your article or your idea and I'll take a look at it. Also, do let us know what you think of the site, and how it might be improved.

Best wishes,

Derek Draper

Editor, LabourList

PS - If you like the idea of LabourList please forward this e-mail to any friends who might also like to know about us...


  1. Thanks for your interest guys (and publicity!).

    Why not get a couple of the Labour Club comrades along too? :op

  2. No needs to thanks us, it's our pleasure to help promote a fellow Labour supporter.

    And facilitating the communication of Labour ideals on the internet by increasing the co-operativity of Labour supporters online is the main purpose of this blog.

    (I also like to see that we're being read. :D)