Monday, 19 January 2009

The Bush administration in ten words

Here's a simple(ish) challenge for you, summarise the Bush Presidency in 10 words.
Here's Johann Hari's effort:

Collapsing economy, unravelling climate, 1,000,0000 dead Iraqis. Heckuvajob, Bushie.

I'm sure that anyone brilliant enough to choose this blog to read can come up with something equally (if not more) cutting. I will post mine later (when I've thought of something, I'm a Science student not Arts so don't expect too much).

Olbermann summarises the presidency:


  1. "I can summarise my presidency in one word: good job."

  2. Tom Freeman: If it wasn't so serious I would say that the Bush years were a joke.

    Miller: You know I hadn't noticed that but it is a bit of a cheat.

    And what I posted above is actually an edit, unless unrevalling has some meaning unknown to me there was a mistake in the original. Everyone makes mistakes but you'd think that in a 10 word article you could proof read a few times.

    It seems journalists just aren't what they used to be. :P

  3. Here is my (mediocre) offering:

    "Security" over freedom. Indifference over action. Secrecy over transparency. INCOMPETENCE.