Saturday, 3 January 2009

Remember the Children of Gaza

OK this is not a post about whether the action that Israel is taking in Gaza is justified or not, that is for another day but it is just to point out 3 quotes which have happened overnight and the need for dialogue on both sides.

The First is from Khaled Meshaal a Hamas leader in exile who has warned Israel of a "Black Destiny" because of its actions,now I can only imagine what this means but I don't think its lets all sit around a table and talk.

The second is from the outgoing President of the United States who has decided to allow everything that Israel is doing, ignoring world opinion again and you could say more interested in boxing in his successor than actually calling for peace. A big thanks to the BBC for the link.

The last comment is from The United Nations who has said that it believes that 25% of the 400 people who have died so far in the bombings are children, think about it 100 children.

I don't know if Israel is justified or not, I support the right of any state to defend itself and I support the right of the State of Israel to exist but I have to ask the question why if they have been suffering rocket attacks for years have they chosen now to act.

Is it because they have had enough or is it because Israel is in the run up to an election where the 2 main ruling parties have a problem with national support, I hope and pray that its not about electoral politics.

I said at that start that this was not about whether Israel was justified and but no matter who you think is to blame in the middle east today I ask that you spend a minute and just think of the 25% of the victims who will not grow up to achieve their best.

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