Wednesday, 11 February 2009

SNP Lose again

I have just logged on to the computer and went and read the news as i normally do and lo and behold I find a story of another SNP policy dumped, only this time its the cornerstone to their domestic policy.

As you see here they have decided to drop the proposals to introduced a local income tax, the CBI, the FSB, The STUC and not forgetting the Labour Party told them it would be madness to introduce but they said they would do it. The tories joined labour and made it almost impossible to get it through parliament, but still they went on so what changed.

Maybe it was the fact that they lost on the budget recently or maybe the rising legal arguments that it was actually illegal to set a tax at national level as that is not then local and therefore against the Scotland act.

I dont care what changed all I know is that it has and the mad idea of a local income tax set nationally is gone hopefully for good.


  1. I'd just like to note that I'm greatly amused.

  2. Can you not be greatly amused at my post too? :D I cannot believe he beat me by 60 seconds!!

  3. I would be greatly amused by your post as well but unfortunately I used up my day's supply of amusement on Peter's post. :P