Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A message to Australian Firefighters

I saw this today and a big thanks to John for posting it. Its a simple message of thanks to the men and women who at this moment are putting their lifes at risk to save others.

Statement by David Carey State Public service union leader - Australia. Victoria Fire Tragedy

We are humbled by the dedication of our public sector colleagues in the face Victoria's tragedy.Working through extremes, that would be unimaginable in most of our working lives, our friends and colleagues and public workers are working to save, protect and preserve vital public services.

Fighting the terror of the fires.They are working to heal and counsel the injured and bereaved. They are feeding and clothing the people who are displaced. They are housing thousands who have lost homes.

They are being literal hero's - there is no other word- in the face of horror and trauma on a scale never seen in Australia. Our movement , the trade union movement, tens of thousands of other public sector workers and the whole community thank you and praise you.You are emblems of the selflessness and community we aspire to be.

"We are with you, in our prayers for your safety, our hope for your recovery. You are making unbelievable sacrifices and our certain knowledge is by your deeds our faith in human decency is again proved. While many public workers have suffered the worst possible personal loss themselves they work on.

You are our colleagues and friends. We hope our thoughts for you are some comfort.

When i like many this week watched the pictures of events in Australia I thanked god that for the firemen and women as my brother and his family live in australia.

So it is with pleasure that I add this club and blog to the role ofthose who say thank you for doing your job so well.


  1. It is difficult to comprehend how any person could start such fires and cause such destruction.

    I add my vote of thanks

  2. The firefighters there are doing a fantastic job in difficult and dangerous conditions. Their dedication is a great example for others.