Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Council Tax to be retained- Broken Promise No 789766

" We will scrap the Unfair council tax"

Another SNP election promise was broken today with the news that there will be no bill put forward for a Local Income Tax. In this embarrasing climbdown Cabinet Finance Secretary John Swinney announced to Parliament that due to lack of support the plans would not be brought forward.

Labour finance Spokesman Andy Kerr described it as "the biggest retreat in the history of the parliament".

The SNP once more demonstrate that their election manifesto was nothing short of misguided hot air with no workable policies. The fact that local councils face more cuts due to the "historic concordat" should also be duly noted. In a time of bleak economic uncertainty it is frustrating to realise that those in power in Edinburgh are incredibly out of their depth.

We as a party should make sure that the Scottish people are aware how acute the shambles this administration is causing but also take the initative. We have promised to reform the council tax, now with the Nats policy in tatters, is the time to explain exactly how we are going to do that. Fair, workable policies for everyone, not a string of poorly thought out, headline grabbing promises which were always made to be broken.


  1. There ya go a mildly amused smile :)

  2. I'm impressed you've managed to keep track of their broken promises. I think most people have lost count of them by now.

    I would point out thought that Scotland would probably be better off if they didn't follow through with any of their policies given the quality of most of them.

  3. That is a good point Nahuatl. People are better off without the likes of a LIT given the horrendous quality of service they would get as a result.

    Another positive is how the hell can anyone trust them again?