Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Royal and Ancient refuses membership to the Principal of the Univeristy of St. Andrew's


Because she's a woman.

Apparently not only was the R&A founded in 1754, it's still there. I can't think of any reason how else they could possibly continue to justify such an exclusionary policy.

I got this story from Yapping Yousuf, he included these quotes from politicians:

Labour MSP Claire Baker first flagged this and was clearly angry when she called the managers of the club 'fuddy duddies' and said that;

"It's more than 500 years since Mary Queen of Scots become the first woman to tee off at the home of golf, but it seems that the Royal and Ancient is still stuck in the middle ages.

It is high time the fuddy-duddies who run the Club put their chauvinist attitudes to one side and joined the twenty-first century."

Our First Minister, a golfing enthusiast and rather good player as yesterdays news showed!, has also been critical and said

"The Royal and Ancient Golf Club should follow their long-standing practice of offering membership to the Principal of St Andrews University, and I am sure that after due consideration they will continue with that honourable tradition."

As I commented on his site (as well as a bit of rant against his criticism of golf) I like to see such blatant discrimination as this being targeted by more than just one party. I think it shows to a degree that misogyny and chauvinism like this are becoming less acceptable than they once were.

I personally think that the R&A should be forced to change it's policies in the same, as Yousuf points out, that working men's clubs were. I also don't want to see any institute using prestige or historicity to try and weasel out of equality legislation.

I, like many others in Scotland and around the world, enjoy playing golf. As such I greatly dislike the fact that this kind of anachronistic* behaviour is still associated with the game.

*(Unfortunately while I say this kind of discrimination is anachronistic misogyny less obvious but still as toxic is widespread and deeply embedded in society and our culture.)

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