Monday, 16 February 2009

A Little Bit of History

A few months ago the decision was taken to set up a blog for the Labour Club, to allow us to talk about events of the day and to highlight things that we thought were important.

The decision to do it took place while returning from a days campaigning in the Glenrothes by-election (for the record we won that one with an increased majority, and a plan was put in place and today we have just celebrated our 4000th visitor, maybe not the biggest blog in the country but we have a growing number of fans and people who like to comment.

So to everyone who has contributed a big massive thanks and to the members of the club who have written entries well done folks.

Keep up the good job.


  1. Well done Aberdeen Uni Labour Club. Thanks to Nathual for making 4000 hits possible and heres to another 4000; with the same values, beliefs and commitment to win a fourth term.

    Labour: the cause we all believe in!

  2. I agree with Laudrup. Nahuatl is as great a blogger as he is a muscle bound Adonis. No wonder he is the most loved man in Aberdeen.

  3. Laudrup, Ltauhan you're making me blush.

    Seriously thought I think the blog has progressed nicely. The next step I think is to get more "ordinary" members contributing. I think it would be good for the blog to have a larger variety of posts, especially since politics isn't my area of expertise (I'm just very opinionated.)

    Here's to the next 4,000 hits.