Thursday, 30 October 2008

Can i feel sorry for Alex Salmond

You know I never thought I would almost feel sorry for Alex Salmond, I mean what does the guy have to do to get a break recently.

Well think about it he spent all his time working out the benefits of Scottish Independence and how much better of we would be with oil at $150 a barrel only for the price to go and collapse to under $60 cause a major economic headache and he has no room left on the back of his fag packet to do anymore sums.

Now as if that wasn't bad enough he made a speech where he spoke about the arc of prosperity saying that Scotland should aim to replicate the great successes of 3 countries, now as its a blog and I am doing a history degree please allow me to take the 3 nations he spoke about one at a time.

His first was Ireland which has undergone something of a boom in the last 10-20 yrs and has become the Celtic Tiger, well now its more like the Gretna Tiger (Donald that is a football joke just for you) as a state it is officially in recession and the Celtic boom is well and truly over.

The second one of the countries he choose he did so specifically because it had based its economic growth on its banks taking a major share of the world market and that was Iceland. Now maybe its just me but i don't think basing your economic arguments on a country which you can now buy for £3.50 and a bottle of irn bru is the best thing to do.

Now if those 2 weren't bad enough for poor eck he now goes and finds himself with only one country left, Norway, and what happens then, well the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre comes out and tells him to stop using Norway as an argument as he would be “upset” if he thought that his country were being used as a “source of division or strife in other countries".

I mean do we really need to piss off the Norwegians, the last time we did that they invaded.

I started this blog by saying that I almost feel sorry for Alex Salmond but to be honest I don't as its his brand of economic incompetence that i have fought all my life.

Scotland is a great country indeed it is in my opinion the best nation on the planet, we have given the world some if its greatest inventions and people and we have always looked outward but the brand of nationalism that Salmond and the SNP push is less about looking out and more about looking south and blaming them bad people south of the Solway Firth.

So I don't feel sorry for Alex i feel sorry for us Scots having him as First Minister.

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