Wednesday, 29 October 2008

If you don't want to sound racist...

...then you probably need to try a bit harder.

Some people are just too stupid to live. Really.



  1. You can't take the mumblings of a crazy old fart to represent the Republican Party at large.

    And who are the groups in the US most resistant to an Obama Presidency? It's the white working class...the very people I thought people in the Labour Party came into represent.

    Racism isn't confined to the right.

  2. And I did not say that it was. I was merely pointing out the stupidity of this one man.

    As for Labour, we support equality and fairness. It just so happens that the working class are disadvantaged most by inequality.

    And pandering to our base's worst aspects is not Labour does, vote Tory or SNP if that's the kind of politics you want. One of the base principles of Labour is that through our common endeavour we can achieve more than we can alone. That belief leaves no room for those who would exclude others on the basis of petty differences like race.