Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Gordon, no Gordon it doesn't matter: Our message is clear.

I am unsure of where this party should go regarding our leader. On the one hand, Gordon Brown is an intelligent individual who sees issues as complex ones, that require a great amount of thoughts, which they are - the recession, crime, health, education, immigration are not black and white issues. But on the other hand, all that intelligence and understanding matters for very little when he seems unsure and unsteady in front of a camera. The question is, do we want to accept the de facto image lead life or do we want to try and elevate the public debate. Personally, I want to elevate the public debate. I think a country that debates the issues fully and with a full understanding of the issues raises people up. Increasing tolerance and understanding through continued debate is surely a great thing.
And that's where we should be, every single day, elevating the debate by suggesting our understanding of the society, our ideology, because we believe our ideology and set of beliefs will provide the mechanisms to ensure that every person has the potential to be the best they can. That belief centres on the equality of opportunity. The opportunity to give children a great education, the best in the world, the opportunity to rid communities of violence and anti social behaviour so a civil society can flourish, the opportunity to continually retrain individuals so that they can adapt to the changing economic environment.
Contrast this with the Tories whose small government plans would see hospitals crumble, law order evaporate, we will see our education system as archaic and underfunded. Their economic trickle down theory does not work. They say that a rising tide lifts all boats. What they don't tell you is that some boats just get bigger until all the other boats are invisible and swamped.
Lets get the debate going, lets lift our intellectual boats.

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  1. I completely agree.

    I'd add to the boat metaphor that a lot of boats need just a bit of help patching up their hulls and getting out of the mud before they can rise in the tide!